Friday, February 24, 2017

LBC: 1 Main Piece,
2 Drastically Different Looks

"Ship's Log, Supplemental Entry:
For this topic, I chose Lucky Key; I don't wear it as often as say, Glitter Seraphim, but style-wise, it is one of my more versatile pieces.

I love how you can take this one full-on sweet, or put a more classic or punk twist on it.  The print is bold and features multiple colors that dominate my wardrobe, so it's easier for me to coordinate.  It's also super comfortable, and great to just wear casually under a cardigan.

Here is an example of how I might wear it to work.  I want to keep most of the extra feminine fluff to a minimum, going instead for a more simple and crisp look.

The beret is Chantilly.  Rest is offbrand.

(Oh, and a Muchacha Achachamu tote!)

And here is a completely different take on the same dress - something I would wear to tea with my girlfriends.

Same JSK, but this time I chose Angelic Pretty glitter party shoes, an Evil Live bag, Lip Service blouse, and the rest is offbrand.

I also chose a wig to go with it, something I would not normally wear to work, to balance out the glitter crown.  I also added back the waist bow (it's a bit much for me, sometimes, and gets in the way of vests, so I made it detachable) and waist ties.

And that's it!  See you next time!"

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  1. I absolutely adore the first coord! It is simple but still very stylish with the black jacket. Well done!

    1. Thank you! I always feel like those kind of coords push it a little further from lolita territory, so I'm really glad you like it!

  2. Both coords are so great, but that first one makes me think of Devil Wears Prada - it's that sort of editorial, power-woman elegant. Wish I could wear something like that to work!

    1. Yay, I was hoping it would give that kind of vibe, thank you!